Its time homecare workers were recognized for the essential services they provide.

Every day homecare workers care for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities and provide essential services that enable our loved ones to remain in their homes, safely and with dignity. It’s never been more evident than during this COVID-19 pandemic how essential homecare workers are.

Yet employers, health care providers and all levels of government continually fail to recognize homecare workers for the level of skill and dedication they bring to the job every day. Low wages, inconsistent hours, little or no benefits, low mileage compensation, and now inadequate PPE and training putting workers and clients’ lives at risk.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

There is a way to be recognized for the essential role you and your colleagues play in every community across Ontario. As individuals, it is almost impossible to achieve any improvements but as a member of CUPE you and your colleagues have the tools to gain the respect and compensation deserving of the services you provide.

When you join CUPE you have the strength and skills that CUPE brings to the table to represent you in the workplace and negotiate improved working conditions for everyone.

If you think its time that you were recognized for the essential work you do then it’s time to sign a CUPE membership card. Sign a card today and share this link with your colleagues.

700 000 workers have joined CUPE across Canada and you can do it too!

In order to join CUPE, you must complete, sign and date a CUPE membership card.

Once CUPE has received cards from at least 50% of employees, CUPE will file an Application for Certification. When CUPE files the Application the membership cards are sent to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) with the Application. The cards are completely confidential and the employer will never know who signed a card.

Employers often spread misinformation during organizing campaigns so make sure to check for the latest information about the CUPE organizing drive at your workplace.

When CUPE files the Application for Certification the Employer is served with a copy of the Application (not the membership cards). Five business days following the filing of the Application an Officer from the OLRB comes out to the workplace and holds a secret ballot vote or holds an electronic vote via email. The voting process is determined by the OLRB. No one will ever know how you voted. The vote is what determines whether CUPE is successful or not. It is a simple majority vote, so if 100 people come out to vote and 51 votes in favour of joining the union then everyone will become part of the union.

Signing the CUPE membership card is the first step in joining CUPE but it is important to remember that the vote is what determines whether CUPE is successful.




CUPE is Canada’s largest union with over 700,000 members. CUPE is also Ontario’s largest union with 251,000 members, including more than 80,000 CUPE members working in health care.

We represent registered practical nurses, personal support workers and porters, dietary, cleaning, reprocessing, trades, clerical staff, paramedics and paramedical staff.

CUPE has an excellent track record of negotiating strong collective agreements, and of protecting and making gains at the bargaining table.

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About The Home Care Workers Project is a project to support home care workers by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) - Canada's largest union.