Home Care worker shortage: patients forced to live in hospitals

Home Care worker shortage: patients forced to live in hospitals
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Ontario has a shortage of personal support workers working in Home Care. Is it any wonder that this is the case? Low pay, no guaranteed of hours, health and safety concerns, unpaid travel time and expenses, poor or non-existent benefits, few or no sick days, these are the working conditions a PSW can expect if they become a home care worker.

As a result of these poor working conditions and the need to find stable work at a livable wage, most personal support workers look to leave the home care sector for positions in long term care homes, retirement homes or hospitals where the pay and working conditions are significantly superior.

Home care is often touted as a more cost-effective method of providing health care support to patients, but this is not necessarily the case. Patients are often forced to remain in the hospital because there is a shortage of home care workers.

Improving the rates of pay and working conditions for home care workers is essential to attracting and retaining personal support workers to home care and providing better care to the people who need it.

CBC News

November 27, 2018

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