Home and personal support workers, nursing staff, therapists, and administrative staff at RNS are unionizing with CUPE!

CUPE is Canada’s largest Union with over 700,000 members. Most CUPE members work in the public sector such as municipalities, school boards, universities, social services, and of course, health care.

CUPE is a strong, democratic union for health care workers

Over 270,000 workers in Ontario are CUPE members and 75,000 of those work in health care. Across Ontario, home /personal support workers, nursing staff, therapists, cleaning / maintenance staff, administrative staff, and dietary / food service workers just like you are CUPE members in health care and home care agencies across the Province.

In CUPE, the members are in charge. Each CUPE Local Union decides its priorities for bargaining and decides how best to work together and engage with their employer to make improvements. Together we maintain and improve wages and benefits, improve health and safety conditions, and make our workplaces better.

We’re all hustling to keep up with our new Coronavirus circumstances and to keep ourselves, our families, and our clients safe. One of the best ways to protect everyone is to work together and form a union.

To hear how you can make a difference in your workplace by unionizing with CUPE, follow this link.

Contact CUPE

For more information on the campaign to form a union at RNS, contact a CUPE Organizer:
- 416-833-1798
- kdavidson@cupe.ca