St. Elizabeth’s Health care workers in long term care, retirement residences, and home care are joining CUPE

The best way to ensure fairness in your workplace is to join a strong, democratic union. CUPE is Canada’s largest union, with more than 650,000 members and an excellent track record of defending our members’ rights.

CUPE is a strong, democratic union for heath care workers

As members, you will decide on your bargaining priorities, what issues you want raised with management, what working conditions need to be changed to create a healthy, happy, effective workplace.

To help you achieve your goals, CUPE provides a host of resources, including a National Staff Representative to work with your local on collective bargaining, grievances, arbitration and more. We also have an excellent in-house legal team who specialize in labour law, researchers and communications professionals who specialize in health and long-term care, and specialists in health and safety, WSIB, equality and much more.

With a union and a collective agreement, everyone knows where they stand. You will know your rights, the employer will know they must treat everyone fairly.

  • CUPE is a great union with an excellent track record of negotiating strong collective agreements and of protecting and making gains for our members.
  • CUPE is Ontario’s largest union with more than 75,000 CUPE members working in health care
  • CUPE’s collective agreements include strong job security and seniority provisions
  • CUPE represents thousands of nurses, personal support workers, cleaners, food service workers and administrative workers just like you in retirement residences, long-term care facilities and home care agencies across the Province
  • CUPE offers vast experience and rich expertise in negotiating superior collective agreements in the healthcare sector
  • CUPE negotiates to maintain superior protections and improve working conditions.
  • CUPE proudly advocates and campaigns to protect healthcare services

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St. Elizabeth workers are joining CUPE

St. Elizabeth workers are joining CUPE

St. Elizabeth’s – Toronto In May 2019 over 160 St Elizabeth employees at Hillcrest Reactivation in Toronto voted overwhelmingly to join CUPE. These employees weren’t fooled by the employer’s `sudden’ interest in their wellbeing and weren’t intimidated by their scare tactics. They knew that the only way to improve working conditions was to join CUPE. St. Elizabeth’s – Kingston Area CUPE has heard from many of your colleagues about the working conditions and rates of pay at St Elizabeth’s in Kingston.